CHRISTIAN SPANCKEN - Surviving the Digitalization

Everyone talks about Digitalization - Christian Spancken is showing you, how to work with it and to make it the Digitalization useful for you.
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"Digitalisation is the adventure playground for entrepreneurs".

Christian Spancken is a passionate entrepreneur and digitalist who founded eight companies within eleven years. As the only B2B expert he is part of the exclusive circle of only twelve Google partner coaches in Germany. His keynotes and lectures at various universities are ‘notorious’: with great expertise and his very own dry sense of humor, the expert dissects digital strategies of companies, global players and hidden champions. His sharp analyses of the mittelstand, especially the B2B business amuse and affect at the same time. A high gain of knowledge is guaranteed: Despite all candor Christian as well shows practical solution paths and encourages his audience to take action themselves.

The spirited digitalist explains why every B2B vendor needs a tailor made online strategy – and that it does not have to be as complicated as often feared. Christian illuminates the sense and nonsense of strategies and competently shows how to boost your sales without boosting your marketing budget and specifically: which concepts really work – entertaining, knowledgable, practical.

You would like to work with Christian Spancken on your Digital Strategy or would like to book a workshop with him, please call us or send a mail to L_moc__sreniart-muimerp--emoclew

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